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My Kirby OC 7f3a99a4a7b8ed1
Please tell me what you think.
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Before I even get into character design or color scheme, you have clashing resolutions. Please do something about that. Is this pixel art? Is this a high-resolution sprite?

Next, your color scheme is absolutely all over the place. Adobe Kuler might be able to help you out a lot.

At last, your character design... I'll let someone else put it into words for me.
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I will admit, I am in no place to correct or criticize your Kirby Fan Character as I am not experienced in spriting. However, I think you're getting the wrong idea of making a Kirby FC, as the resolutions are both completely different, and the colors don't really compliment each other. This would have been better if you just got the original hat sprite from Kirby and either recolored it, or added something, and I think there was no need to add those bright stripes on the shoes.

If you changed some of these things, I'm pretty sure your FC would look a lot better and nicer. But take this with a grain of salt, as this is my opinion.

With good intentions, Joe.
pretty good
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