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YouTube Battle Collab Empty YouTube Battle Collab

on 5/20/2017, 10:41 am
The YouTube Battle Collab

The all-out war has begun between games and the internet alike. The character you pick will fight 1v1 with another character in different vids and the fight continues with another character coming into the fray with the previous character.

Each animator who gets accepted will pick ANY character of their liking and battle the previous animators’ characters to defeat them. After each battle, the next animator will begin coming out the video and the chosen character from the next animator will join the fray. Once an animator has finished their part, they will DM it to GamerRaven by using Google Chrome or any other based cloud service.

This collaboration is similar to the “Battle Royal Collab”.


_In the beginning, animate the previous animator’s character coming out of a video and enters another video that has your character in it.
_When the fight is over, your character exits from the area.

_ONLY use Flash (any version is allowed)
_Canvas must be 16:9 (1280x720, optional)
_MUST be 30 fps
_MUST use the SAME character style the previous animator animated with

Use the application below
Username: (Your name, duh!)
Character (Who you gonna pick!)
Best animation: (It can be a fight, or your best creation!)
Possibility of completion: (What’s your percentage of if you’re gonna complete your entry.)

No due date for now!
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YouTube Battle Collab Empty Re: YouTube Battle Collab

on 5/20/2017, 12:48 pm
Discord Link

And here is the Discord link. Wink


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YouTube Battle Collab Empty Re: YouTube Battle Collab

on 5/21/2017, 7:02 pm
This sounds pretty interesting. I'm probably not gonna join but I do hope y'all get this done. Post it here whenever it gets completed
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YouTube Battle Collab Empty Re: YouTube Battle Collab

on 5/30/2017, 8:14 pm
Wish I can join, but I just joined to many collabs recently.


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