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Battle Royal Collab Empty Battle Royal Collab

5/1/2017, 8:46 pm
The Battle Royal Collab

The character you picked kills the previous animators’ character and moves on to the next map.

This is a turn-based collaboration. Depending on who gets accepted into this collaboration and which order, each animator will take turns animating after the previous animator has finished. Each animator who gets accepted will pick ANY videogame character of their liking and battle the previous animators’ character to defeat them. Once an animator has finished their part, they will send it to AbomiYeti or MCQSquare on DM (Discord), and MCQSquare will create a new template from the previous one. If this all works out, then we got ourselves a cool battle royal!!


_ONLY use Flash (any version is allowed)
_Canvas must be 16:9 (1280x720, optional)
_MUST be 30 fps
_Min. = 15 seconds / Max. = 30 seconds
_ONLY use sound effects
_If using a V-cam, make sure it starts and ends showing the entire map
_Have to use the SAME character style the previous animator animated with
_When finished, name your symbols and put them in a folder with your username

If your animation is good enough, I'll send you the discord link.

Use the application below
Username: (Your name, duh!)
Best animation: (It can be a fight, or your best creation!)
Character: (Who you gonna pick)
Where to exit from the screen at the end: (e.g. Through a pipe, jump out of the screen to the top, Smash through the ground. Your pick!)
Possibility of completion: (What’s your percentage of if you’re gonna complete your entry.)

Unavailable characters
- Mario
- Sonic
- Kirby
- Yoshi
- King Dedede
- Marisa Kirisame
- Goku
- Kogoro
- Quote
- Snivy
- Merlow
- Knuckles
- Meta-Knight

No due date for now!!(edited)

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Battle Royal Collab Empty Re: Battle Royal Collab

5/2/2017, 4:00 pm
This seems pretty interesting lol best of luck to ya! If I get some free time I may try to join in
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