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The Crown Collab Empty The Crown Collab

3/11/2018, 9:58 pm
Hi, and welcome to the Crown Collab!


Demo/Trailer. Kindof like an example

Welcome to the Crown collab, where you give it your all to snag a mythical crown of (near) infinite power. It won't be easy though, as someone else already has their mitts on it, so be ready to fight. There's no deep lore or anything, just a bash and grab for this collab. Your character's motives for trying to grab the crown can be whatever you want.

The Idea Further Explained:
The general idea is that everyone's after the crown, and in each part your character is after the person who currently has the crown, the character from the previous part. The two fight it out and at the end your character wins and grabs the crown running off someplace else in the hopes that no one finds them. This repeats in each part until the finisher.


The aspect ratio of your canvas should be 16:9 (640:360, 1280:720, etc). The frame rate should generally be 24 or 30 fps. 60 fps is allowed, but you'd need pure tenacity to have a chance at getting much done, so I don't recommend it.

The minimum time required is 15 seconds, that's all. You can make it as long as you want within reason after that, but nothing absurd. This is a collab after all.

Your part needs to fade in from black, and fade out to black at the beginning and end of your part. You also aren't allowed to add music to your part, as it will be added once all of the collab parts are put together.

You need to turn in your finished animation as an mp4, as anything else would be difficult to use, making it hard to add your collab part to the video.

Last but by far not the least, the deadline for this collab will be sometime in July of this year.


You need to be at an intermediate level of skill to join this collab. This means having the basic animating skills down and being capable of making a fight animation.

Any animation program that is generally used in sprite, fullbody, and stick figure animation is allowed. This includes Flash, Fireworks, Sony Vegas, and Photoshop. Pivot isn't allowed..

You need to have a discord account, as we have a channel set up for getting feedback and hanging out. Heck, there's even a place to suggest songs that could end up being used in the collab.

In order to join this collab, you'll need to apply.
That just means posting two of your more serious animations and a discord tag.
When it comes to the animations, it would be preferred that you show one of your more recent ones and one of your best if you can
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The Crown Collab Empty Re: The Crown Collab

3/12/2018, 12:18 pm
Just a heads up, we actually have a collabs channel on the discord server so you should post this to that channel. you'll probably get more visibility that way. you can just copy the link to this post and post it there
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