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Nice work new guy


[sc]The Heat of Battle - [Complete!] - Page 2 Ichigo10
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This challenge will now enter the grading phase. Until the grading is complete and results are posted sit tight. Once we've finished grading we'll open this topic back up and post the results. Thank you to those who participated and to those who wanted to participate don't worry because more challenges are on the way!
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My grading will be pretty cut and dry. It might sound harsh but I don't mean much by it. So I'll get right down to it.


Sprites: While the sprites are edited, there wasn't a lot of edit too the actual sprites, especially after comparing the edits to the reference. The MK for I can't say I blame too much, but at the same time I feel like you just bit off more then you can chew. The biggest changes to them were the small mask and hand guns which felt weird and out of place. Not to mention the fact that the sprites themselves don't mesh all too well to begin with. You have photo realistic sprite on the left, but then something that looks like it's out of super smash flash to the right.  I'd give this a 35/100, if only for the fact that they are edited, somewhat.

Background/foreground: it feels like the sprites have just been placed, there's no semblance of any kind of actual battle taking place. I was kind of disappointed that there isn't any kind of battle damage done to the environment, or the actual characters. I'm not saying the bridge needs to be falling apart at the seems, but there isn't much to it. For this, I'd give it a 15/100. There's just nothing going on in either the foreground or the background.

effects: Very limited amount of effects. You have the fire of the gun and the shining of the sword. I'd give it a 15/100, there's no dust, no battle sparks, no weather, etc.

Composition: The placement of the characters isn't too bad, but the guy on the right feels like he's floating in mid air, we don't even see where he's coming down from, he's just kind of there without a reason. For this I'd give it a 20/100.

Overall: In total, I'd have to give this a 22/100. I feel like you just kind of rushed and slapped things onto a stage without taking a bit to consider how it might really look. You submitted it way too early when you still had well over 2 weeks to work on it. Don't let it discourage you though. Next time, take a bit more time when working on your submission, take up until the last day to submit it.

Sprites: Right off the bat, The characters look great. They're heavily edited sprites and overall it's clear (when they were made) you put a lot of hard work into their design and making sure they looked good. For the guy with the scythe, I gotta say I feel like there's too much going on with him. It's a little hard to see his eyes unless you really focus on them. One draw back to the sprites overall is that I think they feel clunky with a few of their limbs being either too long/large or too small.

Background/Foreground/composition/effects (all in one since there's so much involved): Once again, great job here. There's a ton of shit going on that gives the battlefield a lot of life, not to mention depth. The camera is behind rocks, obscuring part of the battlefield but not from the overall fight. Fire in the background, telling us that this battle has been raging for a good while and that these two are getting to their limit, while one of them seems to be faltering. The rain sets a good tone for the overall scene The characters are also not directly in the middle, leading our eyes to start looking at the surrounding area and looking for our characters.
Background/foreground: 75/100
Effects: 65/100
Composition: 73/100

Overall: A very strong submission. It's clear that you thought hard on what went where and what you wanted your characters doing. However, my only gripe is that it feels like you more or less opened up your sheets (which I know you've had for quite a while) and just started putting them together, instead of actually making anything. I know you were strapped on time but nonetheless your submission suffered.
Overall: 70/100

Sprites: Being fully customed sprites, these look fantastic. A lot of effort clearly went into these. The sprites themselves, while looking a little bubbly still look pretty good. I think one thing you need to work on more is your shading, as right now the sprites look "pillow shaded". The poses look similar to those you'd find on any sonic or shadow sheet (Especially shadow's), so I would say a few points were docked for their unoriginal poses.
Sprites: 91/100

Background/Foreground: Your background is incredibly simple, space with a bit of earth seen in the shot. It's fairly simple due to the nature of where they're fighting, but I was hoping to see a bit more. I do see what seem to be asteroids in the background (or explosions. to be honest they kind of look like popcorn.) but they're so blurred and obscured I can't really make them out. I also see what kind of seems like the death egg, but again it's so blurred I can't make it out at all.
BG/FG: 61/100

Effect: Your submission suffers here only because it feels like it's overly saturated. Too much bloom, too much blur, too much shine, etc etc. I think had you toned some of it down a bit, it wouldn't be so bad. However you did have good use of after images and such like that. and not all of the effects used were bad.
Effects: 65/100

Composition: This would be your weakest part of your submission. Again, due to the nature of where they're fighting I can't say I blame you. but at most, sonic and shadow are simply running side by side. I would have liked to see maybe shadow actually mid throw of chaos spear, with sonic perhaps jumping over it. Right now it just looks like they're skating/running.
Composition: 65/100

Overall: Your custom sprites raised your score a lot, it's clear you put a lot of time and effort into making the scene and setting it up so that it looks nice. However, there's a lot you need to work on. Next time around, try and make things a little more interesting. Sometimes simple is better, but in this case we wanted to see something a little more interesting.
Overall: 71/100

Sprites: You did a wonderful job recreating the gen 6 models in sprite format, it's clear that's where the inspiration lies. Ninetales' tails look great. There are a few spots where they feel kind of uneven and stiff, but overall the sprites both look great. Especially ninetales' body. The trainers don't look half bad, however the girl's face looks incredibly wide and very wonky. Like her face was stretched out.
Sprites: 75/100

Backgroud/Foreground: The background seems to be a rip from the game itself, which while okay is unoriginal for the most part. You chose a good BG to rip though as there is a lot going on, it's just... well you didn't really put those in.
BG/FG: 58/100

Effects: the effects used, while minor worked to your scenes advantage. Being a pokemon fight, there's only so much you can do. While I find some of the dust wrongly placed (it should be behind ninetales, instead of in front, to show the force of the flamethrower) nonetheless it was a good attempt. only gripe with the flame thrower is the light it emits is too centered and focused in one spot (notice a lot of light is being emitted at the tail end of the attack).
Effects: 55/100

Composition: Being a recreation of the pokemon format, there isn't much to say here. I noticed you had togekiss dodge the attack which is nice, but for the most part I can't see anything new done here. I do like the health bars though.
Composition: 50/100

Overall: Perhaps, had you had both trainers and pokemon out on an actual field instead of a rip from the game, you'd probably have more points. I feel like you've got a lot of potential and I'd love to see more from you. Next time around, I hope to see another submission from you. Try and expand what to make and push the limits of what you can do.
Overall: 60/100

So there you have it. Thanks for everyone's submissions.


[sc]The Heat of Battle - [Complete!] - Page 2 Accelerator_signature_by_kyuubi03-d3aqkga

(figuratively speaking of course)
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Hi everyone, surprise judge. Not as elaborate as the other guys, but some input nonetheless:

5h0ck - Pyrotech vs Tenkuu

There's definitely heat in this battle. This is the most visually clean of all the submissions, but I feel like this makes it not as intense. It falls under the "two characters simply punching each other is definitely them fighting" category, missing the creativity to add intensity to it. The Tenkuu sprite also feels really out of place, like it shouldn't exist in this world. Thank you for not adding any borders or text to your submission though : D.

Rating: 50/100


Face - Ninja Inu vs Sith Inu

This one is the most intense for sure because of the amount going on: the flames, rain, blood, and weapon swipe. The character edits also stand out because they're turned into entirely new characters as opposed to edited existing ones. I think more pixels could have gone into the flames, everything else is detailed and they really stick out as looking out of place. It could have done without the blackbars and watermark, really makes it feel like it's a screenshot from an existing animation.

Rating: 70/100


Davidchao23 - Sonic vs Shadow

This one stands out the most the most to me because it doesn't just look like a screenshot from one of our animations, it feels more like a carefully crafted picture. I think the effects contribute to that, and the sprites look very detailed showing more emotion. One big problem is that it's not entirely clear Sonic and Shadow are fighting each other, and I honestly think it's just because Shadow is looking straight ahead and not at Sonic. For all we know there could be some enemy ahead and they are working together to fight it. There is still the feeling of "The Heat of Battle" nonetheless. This one also could have done without the text.

Rating: 80/100


TheCynicalPoet - Ninetales vs Togekiss

The angle on this one makes it stand out from the others, and you used the source material to justify it. But I think you went a little too close to the source, it looks like it could just be a screenshot from the game. While it is still creative, I think it would have looked better without the health bars to make it a little more original. I also feel like the trainers should have been on the field instead of a separate section, feels too separate from the battle going on.

Rating: 60/100



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Please see my grading below.

Note that some things that I kept in mind were probably things that some people might not hold as high importance. I feel that the scores reflect accurately on the guidelines shown from the beginning, though.

5h0ck - Pyrotech vs Tenkuu:
[sc]The Heat of Battle - [Complete!] - Page 2 Pyrote11

Sprite Work: 20/75
After comparing these sprites to the original sourced work, I will say that Mortal Kombat sprites are probably very difficult to edit. That does not mean that you can get away with this...what looks like adding a mask and editing a little bit of colors and tossing on a gun. Then, the second character on the right, I mean he is still in his standing stance. Shouldn’t his legs be more... free? Looks like he’s standing on air.

Environment: 5/25
I am not really familiar with the MK games, but I feel like the background is at least pieced together. But it just lacks in flavor, it’s just there. I would have liked to see a little bit more going on. With just this snapshot, the two characters are just fighting on a roof. There is not much of a story going on, as we do not know why they are fighting, it just seems like your average, let’s fight, animation.

Overall: 25/100
Taking both the sprite work and environment into consideration, and interpreting what the author was trying to convey, it seems like...nothing. Unfortunately, it seems that this is simply to dudes standing and fighting each other. I believe that the initial mission was to avoid doing that. Seems our friend Shock is a minimalist.

Davidchao23 - Sonic vs Shadow:

[sc]The Heat of Battle - [Complete!] - Page 2 .eJwFwVEOgyAMANC7cAAKLRPwMgtBAiZqie3ix7K7772v-dyHWc1QnbICbLtUvjcrynfpzXbmfrQyd7GVTyiqpY6zXSrgU8aYMLmACyHl6IDQRQrBv2ihlDNlhIfLeIv3dl7d_P4nMCK5

Sprite work: 70/75
I must say I really enjoy these sprite edits. It captures what I felt the competition should have been all about, really focusing the snapshot on the edit of the sprites, and on the action happening within the frame. I also really like this style, as it has this cute-ish feel to it, and really changes what we are used to seeing when we see these iconic characters. I would have liked to see some more interaction with the eyes, perhaps Sonic should be looking towards Shadow.

Environment: 15/25
Much like the previous submission, it seems that this is just a normal pieced together background. It does seem that david put more effort into the background, attempting to put some depth. There is a little bit going on in background as well, those fire looking things, and the Dr. Eggman ship in the background.

Overall: 85/100
The sprite work is very good, but it is lacking a little bit in terms of the story telling portion, and the background is a bit simple. Including different things, that were in the background, and putting it more in the center, could have gave this higher marks. I feel like those are either explosions in the background or meteors, I cannot see them that well, but if they were also in the front, it would look great.

Face - Ninja Inu vs Sith Inu:

[sc]The Heat of Battle - [Complete!] - Page 2 .eJwFwcENwyAMAMBdGACDIUCyTEUJAqQkRth9Vd29d1_1WZc6VBeZfACcgwutU7PQyq3qRtSumudgXeiGLJJLv-sjDDbtGBMm4zE4dHs04NBE513ctoghJG8DdHqPV7BGz6ep3x8kTCJs

Sprite work: 65/75
Since I am pretty sure your sprites are pretty much custom, I would say they are pretty well done. I do think that the one on the right though could use some work on the actual face part. The guy on the left, though looks pretty nice.

Environment: 17/25
The environment, and broken castle theme definitely looks awesome. I really like how there is destruction both built into the background, and you making that wall in front. This not only gives it depth, but gives us a little more insight on how much destruction might be going on. I do not like those effects that were used though, as the it really takes away from the rest of the scene. I really think if the sprites were better quality, this could have a much higher score.

Overall: 82/100
The custom sprite work is stuff that we have all seen before, or at least the guy on the left. That one does not really come as a surprise. The background work is also pretty well done, but the sprite effects somewhat take away from the rest of the scene, as stated above. In addition, there is the rain coming down, which I am pretty sure most of us know represent and symbolize confusion, and an ominous scene.

TheCynicalPoet - Ninetales vs Togekiss:

[sc]The Heat of Battle - [Complete!] - Page 2 .eJwFwdENhCAMANBdGICW1hzFbRokYKJCoPd1ud197-e-83K7a2Zj7QDHuXKfh1_Wp9bia-_1KjrO5XO_Qc00t7s8tiBIoigkuNGHiVNEYMLIG6cgzJFIBEEJW9GAfjzV_V8fsSIg

Sprite work: 55/75
I would say that the sprites are well done, but the character on the right definitely needs some work. Her face is kind of skewed off and looks like its melting. I would say the one on the left side is well done, but his collars looks a bit odd, as well as the shoulder on the right side of his body. The actual Pokemon sprites, are looking good.

Environment 22/25
As Pokemon backgrounds do not really get that intense, this one reflects that. But, it does feature some depth, and the effects definitely convey that this is a tense fight. I would say that it is good placement of effects, and does not completely drown us away from the main topic.

Overall: 77/100
Despite this one being the flashiest, having the best placement of effects and a good blend of color, I feel that it looks too normal. It seems like this is something that I could have easily seen in a Pokemon game. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, it is not anything special or unique from the game itself.


[sc]The Heat of Battle - [Complete!] - Page 2 Purple11

[The Return]
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So, how I will be grading the submissions is first looking at the overall scene which accounts for 25% of the total score. Then I will look at the sprites themselves which will account for 75% of the total score. To make it easier to understand I will make the overall scene score out of 25 total points and the sprites score out of 75 points.

5h0ck - Pyrotech vs Tenkuu

Overall Scene: The buildings and mountains work together nicely, but there’s not really a sense of depth to any of the structures, so they kinda just feel like a ripped backdrop. And to be clear I’m not grading this part on the quality of the background and buildings you used but on their use in the submission. And even then, this part doesn’t necessarily account for a large part of this score. What unfortunately does, however, is that the platform is very detailed and has a high pixel density which works for Pyrotech since he is also highly detailed, but doesn’t work as well for Tenkuu. As a result, Tenkuu’s presentation feels out of place which hurts the overall scene quite a bit. 15/25

Character Sprites: Pyrotech is a good edit. The changes in the belt are a nice touch. It doesn’t feel like it was just tacked on without thought. It feels like an actual part of the design of the character. Same goes for the shirt but overall they’re not major edits. The head is a bit tougher to review. I think in this scenario you added too much and as a result it’s hard to really make out what’s going on with his head mainly if that’s a mask going over his mouth or something else.

Tenkuu kinda feels off. For one thing, instead of just rotating a sprite it would have been better to create the actual sprite in that pose. From top to bottom, a lot of portions of the body feel like they lack completeness. For example, the pants are shaded but feel like they lack definition. The arms have shading and better definition but the shape, especially around the wrists, feel unnatural. I can’t really tell if his feet are extensions of the pants or just the same color as the pants so that could use more work to make the pants and feet are more distinguishable. 45/75
Total score: 60/100

Face - Ninja Inu vs Sith Inu

Overall Scene: So immediately I like the intensity of this fight. There are things going down and blood is being shed (literally). There are a couple problems that I see right off the bat though. The fire is very basic which contrasts with the overall detailed sprites of the characters and structures in the scene. The other thing is that there’s a bit too much going on. The fighting is good but the structures make it hard to focus on the fighting part of the scene. 20/25

Character Sprites: The sprites themselves are good edits. The scythe kind overshadows the sprites of the characters themselves though. Probably would have been better to just show the scythe at the end without the scythe trail of his swing with the blood splattering out like it is. While these are pretty good edits they are also just edits so they won’t be scored as well as fully custom sprites… but they were really good edits.55/75
Total score: 75/100

Davidchao23 - Sonic vs Shadow

Overall Scene: The scene here is nicely made and I especially like how this is a remake of a battle between Sonic and Shadow from Sonic Adventure 2 (though this is not gonna earn you more points lol). The problems with the overall scene though are that you also have a bit much going on though it’s not as overbearing as Face’s submission. You probably could have cut out the dust dash effect under Sonic since it doesn’t add anything to your submission. Also, you got some kind of bloom thing going on and again that’s kinda unnecessary and sorta detracts from the feeling of the scene overall. Lastly, it would have been better for you to make Shadow look at Sonic as they are fighting each other. 15/25

Character Sprites: So, this is where your submission shines. The proportions of the characters are nicely done and the shading is extremely well done as well. Not only that but these sprites are fully custom which is extremely impressive. The only thing is that the poses themselves are not custom and are based on the GBA sprites. 70/75
Total score: 85/100

TheCynicalPoet - Ninetales vs Togekiss

Overall Scene: Alright, first off the dust effect is pretty unnecessary. I get you’re showing the power of the flamethrower but it doesn’t really “fit” with the background you chose. Speaking of the background, it works but it’s just a bit lazy since it is a straight up rip from the game. I do like the lighting of your submission a lot though, it adds to the intensity of the flamethrower attack, but at the same time the focus are the Pokemon so in a way it kinda takes away focus from the Pokemon. The trainers are a nice touch and don’t overtake too much attention from the Pokemon. Those sprites are good as well. 15/25

Character Sprites: So, the sprites for Nintetales and Togekiss are very nicely done. You very accurately captured the feeling of the 3D models from newer Pokemon games but in sprite form. Where your sprites are lacking, however, is that they look too close to the original Pokemon sprites from the games so the sprites feel uninspired. The face of the Togekiss is a nice edit, but try working on adapting the sprites to your own style a bit more. 60/75
Total score: 75/100

So, now that all the results have been posted let’s get to the results!

4. 5h0ck - 39.25/100
3. TheCynicalPoet - 73/100
2. Face - 76.75/100
1. Davidchao23 - 80.25/100

And with that the Heat of Battle Challenge has concluded. Thank you to everyone who entered the Challenge and made a submission. These Sprite Challenges are created to challenge (heh see what I did there) you as a spriter so that you may hone your skills. This was only the first Challenge so if you were upset with your results, then don’t worry there will be more Challenges in the future. Additionally, because this was the first Challenge there are many ways that it could have been improved upon and handled better, so this was not only a learning experience for you all but for me as well. Discussions about how we can improve future Challenges are already taking place and you can bet the next Challenge will be even better. Again, thank you to all the contestants who entered. The thread will now be opened back up for comments!
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