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Returning to Sprite Animation Empty Returning to Sprite Animation

11/24/2020, 6:24 pm
Hey all! My name is Colin. I was way into sprite animation from 2013-2016. I had a YT channel that at the time was called CMAnimator5000. As time went on I soured to it and lost that passion I once had for it. However, I did last year return to it with a new attitude in hopes of completing a project I had planned. This sadly is scrapped. I didn't feel I was ready to give this idea the proper showing it deserved and it will be picked up at a later date once I feel I have FineTuned myself once more. I do remember having an account on here years ago, and interacting/being a part of sprite groups such as SHQ which later became Vitality. I can't say I have been in touch with anyone from the sprite animation community as a whole in these last four years, but I am excited to get back in and make new friends while getting better! I do still have the same YT channel, under a different name now which I will link for anyone interested in checking me out! It hasn't seen any updates recently, but I do plan on posting there in the near future. I primarily work in Animate CC, and am currently trying to teach myself to use it in company with After Effects CC (both 2018). Glad to be here again!

Thank you all and have a great night.

My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC37UfjhT_BFGlqtR3O8jlsQ
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Returning to Sprite Animation Empty Re: Returning to Sprite Animation

12/11/2020, 1:50 am
Ayee! Welcome back! Glad to see ya return to sprite animations!
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