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A Long Awaited Return Empty A Long Awaited Return

12/15/2018, 10:08 pm
So let me clear my slate back in the high days of animating in my earlier years I had an identity crisis as an animator, I had MULTIPLE accounts on many forums because I was struggling to find myself as an animator and I would constantly create personas with each new account and boy was that stupid, I have about 6 on here, honestly it's sad. So after the restart after restart, I decided to take a break from animating, four years to be exact to just find myself first as a person and I have, now I wanna ease myself back into animating just as me, Simply_Retr0, because I am retro BUT with a little bit new school touches, but as I stated before it's been about four years since I've animated so I need to unrust badly. Also if you're curious about who I was in the past here's a listing of my MANY personas:

Guilty Gear Soldier
Koruneriusu Suta
Realm Guardians Stride

and I believe that's it, sad and pathetic but well in the past and no longer to be mentioned. New year around the corner and this is the "new-ish" me to you all so hello again.
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A Long Awaited Return Empty Re: A Long Awaited Return

12/31/2018, 5:41 pm
Damn, I don't even think I knew you were all those different people lmao anyways welcome back. probably wanna join the discord since where thespritas is most active
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