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Sandbags Revenge Collab Empty Sandbags Revenge Collab

10/11/2018, 8:57 pm
Ok, so as the title says, this collab is going to be a reversal of the typical sandbag treatment where Sandbag is actually a savage that can and will whoop that ass.

Anyways here's the rules.

1)Your part Must be somewhere between 10 - 30 seconds long. and you are allowed to have more than 1 part. you are also allowed to end your part abruptly mid combo provided you reached the 10 seconds mark. So no crying to me saying "I didn't have time to finish so i'm out" You don't need to finish so shush. The video will be structured like a Smash Ultimate Trailer so abrupt cuts to the next scene is actually acceptable. Your part can even START mid-combo for all I care, just get the proper timeframe going.

2) Use the following canvas size - 640 x 360 and send me the SWF files upon completion. don't worry about flash version or action script because I'm just gonna convert the swf files and mash em together that way.

3) use these sandbag sprites and make edits where necessary Sandbags Revenge Collab Super_smash_bros__brawl_sandbag_by_dabestbrawler-d60g1vq also shout outs to our boy DBB. Never mind the fact we don't see him no more I'm sure he'll come through 1 day.

4) use these sound effects, this way we can maintain consistency and not have a jumbled mess in quality. https://www.sounds-resource.com/wii_u/supersmashbrosforwiiu/ I don't care how many super dee duper high quality sounds you have taking up space on your hard drive. Use these sounds ya dingus even if you use a character that isn't from smash, your still using these sounds. Serious

5)DON'T.....DON'T put music in your part....I'll add that later don't worry about it.

6) Sandbag attacks by creating items out of thin air so be creative and make him do the craziest shit....but for the love of god no super forms, we're pulling weapons out our asses not super forms, only exception is the video's finale. also not all weapons need to be from smash, so go nuts.

7) no blood n gore....normally I like that shit but this is a smash parody damnit.

8.) this is still a fight scene so try not to have the other just sit their and do nothing.. its perfectly ok for this to be a 1 sided battle just make sure they at least attempt to do something about their situation.....this rule isn't mandatory its more of a guideline so either follow it or don't whatever.

9)Add your logo to the bottom left of the screen

Now there's no official due date but if humanly possible I'd like to have this out before the year is done. If not.....well we'll get to that later.

Anyways you all have your info quit thinking about it and join the collab. Lord knows we don't actually complete collabs around here so now's our chance to change that by having parts be a small as possible so animators don't get burned out or whine about incomplete parts or freetime. Anyone can do 10 seconds of combo's ya lazy bums.

I was gonna say some crap about everyone using the same characters but this is smash bros which means your all gonna either go by the tier list, pick the troll characters, or come in with a character you wish was in smash like Goku…...Goku losing to a sandbag that I'd like to see.

Here is the discord server for this collab

Here's the list of current participants. If you don't see your name don't worry I probably just haven't had the time to add you.

!! Blazen Bros...
Fay-Al ghul

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Sandbags Revenge Collab Empty Re: Sandbags Revenge Collab

10/12/2018, 7:48 am
I'll probably do this. Need to unrust a bit lol
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