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Dragon Ball AR: Goku Black's Reign Empty Dragon Ball AR: Goku Black's Reign

4/17/2017, 6:01 pm
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Dragon Ball AR: Goku Black's Reign Empty Re: Dragon Ball AR: Goku Black's Reign

4/17/2017, 6:34 pm
Not bad, not bad at all! 

So to start off, you probably could have increased the sizes of the sprites by like 200%. You were really zoomed in on the characters and so it made the background look kinda low quality even though your backgrounds are of good quality. It was really only apparent when they were standing on the rocky surface; while they were in the sky the background looked fine.

The animation did feel kinda slow, I think because there's a lot of talking. There's nothing wrong with that but you can have characters moving while they're talking lol

I like how you use the camera though. Especially with the zoom-ins on peoples face when they're talking. Also the transformations were good too.

The fighting wasn't bad and pretty well animated, however, you should try to start including a few more complex motions than them flying at each other, teleporting behind the other, then doing a small hit combo. Really this part just comes down to being creative lol to also tie in to that, try to use the scene that you have more. You have some water there so one thing you could have done for example was have someone get hit into the water. Again just comes down to being creative.

Overall, it was pretty good. I'd say the main thing is just try to incorporate some more complex interactions and a bit more moving around and stuff. Good job, keep it up!
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