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Today on the David Channel, we have a new collab entry posted today, with some power moves!

So yeah, this animation is intended for the Signature Move Collab, in which you show your character, doing their signature move. In this one, I did Tails because none of my FCs are actually developed enough to have one. Except Sharptooth who's my OC but his sprite sheet isn't finish as of this post.

Anyways, be sure to subscribe to my channel to be on the lookout for my Animations in the polished 1080p in WMV format!


*Struggles with sprite fight animations*
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I like this. And the idea of the collab. One of the more unique ideas ive seen in a long while lol. Also the reason I like this is that the speed, and straight to the point as a collab entry should be imo.


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