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Welcome to The Spritas! Empty Welcome to The Spritas!

10/12/2016, 11:33 am

Welcome to The Spritas!

First off, thank you for signing up to this wonderful community.

Before you make a post here in the Introductions forum I just want to make sure you've seen the Basic Forum Rules because if you haven't then you really should check them out! Additionally, other forums may have a general rules thread (like this one) so be sure to read those before posting in their respective forums also.

That said, when posting here in the Introductions forum please tell us everything about who you are (okay, maybe not everything, but enough for us to get a good enough idea of who you are).

Tell us about what you hope to accomplish here, or if you even have anything you want to accomplish here. If you're an animator tell us what you animate and how long you've been animating. Tell us if you have a YouTube channel or a DeviantArt page or a Newgrounds Account or whatever you feel like sharing.

Once again, thank you for signing up and welcome to The Spritas!

Happy Posting!
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