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Beat up rapid and other admins thing idk Empty Beat up rapid and other admins thing idk

4/29/2021, 11:42 am

Heyo, honestly wasn't quite sure where to put this, but ig it's technically a collab type of animation or something

Welcome to this fun little fla-share thing where we basically beat up rapid and other admins. If you want to participate just simply message me so I can hook you up with the current progress of this fla thing here.

How this'll work will be like this (Da rulez) ----

-Last and final edit about this: In order to be able to get into this collab or fun little activity, you're gonna need flash 8 or CS3
This is an fla share, everyone's gonna need to use these program(s)
Sorry y'all ;(

-Ask me for the fla, and it will most likely be sent to you (Unless another person is currently animating their part)
-I need to know if you're an animator, it doesn't matter the skill, I just need to know, that's all
-When you get the fla, I'll be checking up on you for every week or 2-3 weeks, to see your progress, if I see you slackin' a bit, you're gonna have to hand it over man unless you got some reasoning to why you haven't made much progress
-Hand me over the fla once you finish your set amount of progress, and you're done, I will then hand it over to the next person
-If everyone's done, and no one's asked for the fla in a while, then I'll finish the animation by myself

I think that's all, lol

Some animation rules now -

-Keep the canvas as is
- any type of character is allowed
-Please organize your library, thanks

- You can shift which Admin/mod or character that you're using to represent that Admin/mods you wanna use to beat up, so like currently as of right now, we're using rapid's Profile picture, he can switch to an actual typhlosion or even his kirby fc if you got that. Or maybe you don't wanna beat up rapid but SXR123, because he should learn that sonic x doesn't actually rule Very Happy
Or maybe granadico/granny because well, uh..... Actually nah he's coo-
BUT, you can switch mods that you wanna beat up ye, Patt, byran, lange, joey, eric, LeoV go crazy go stupid lmfao
Or maybe have the mods beat up your ass, ion know lmfao
-Feel free to show your part anywhere or wip on it as well, just keep in mind, don't share the fla at all with anyone outside of this collab thing
Again, only your part, not the whole progress on the fla share collab video thing

--If you have any further questions about this, ask me please

This is all for shits, giggles, and lulz. Along with having fun in the end....... Inb4 I get banned

But yeah, that's all da rulez
Here's the current progress as of now, my dms will be active here in this site and discord so yah (kinda shitty atm because I animated it)
But yea, message me now and you might have a chance to be able to get in this and receive the fla or something


(5/4/2021) Participants so far that have participated or are thinking about joining:
-DavidX123: Animated part 1
-Titan2001 (So far helped with SFX)  
-VoltTheBreaker: Animated part 2  
-Jetz: Current Animator
-FlareTDS: Next animator
-Dreamsayys/Ramen: Next animator
-Omegpha: Next animator (?)
-Roux: Next Animator
-Titan2001: Next animator

-Animate section guys (Come after first wave of flash 8 and cs3 peeps)

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Beat up rapid and other admins thing idk Pfpmay10

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Beat up rapid and other admins thing idk Empty Re: Beat up rapid and other admins thing idk

4/29/2021, 4:20 pm
This is great. im glad the community loves me

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