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Incoming, the pixelias! Empty Incoming, the pixelias!

4/21/2020, 9:09 pm
Seeing how no one's made a group yet, I guess it's best to make the first ever group to dominate, and run the stage here Cool
That being us, the pixelias (Working name)
We currently are out looking for foes with out team of animators, and a spriter

People who are in the group so far:
Me (Da leader)
Blacker3646-Spriter/helper for some of our anims and sprites
Omegpha-Animator (Member)

Although not many are here at the moment, I guess we'll be the one taking the throne for the time being afro geek Gunz
Dare challenge us? Let's take it to the discord or even private dms here in the forums

If your also interested in joining, show me what your made of. Maybe I'll send you out with some notes on what you can improve on, or maybe I'll let ya in, who knows. (Ofc, applications should be sent through dms in discord, or here in the forums)


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Incoming, the pixelias! Empty Re: Incoming, the pixelias!

4/23/2020, 10:19 am
Yo maybe I should create a role for teams on the cord (and here if activity here picks up)
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Incoming, the pixelias! Empty Spritas; Pixelias rise again

3/18/2021, 3:57 am

If you thought we were gone, I'm very afraid we're just getting started.

If you really wish to challenge us, we expect to give you your best!

We will be back soon!

Incoming, the pixelias! Sprita12
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