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The New Blue Boy on the street Empty The New Blue Boy on the street

6/10/2019, 3:06 pm
So uh. Hello, my name is puyokirbymegadude, if you already noticed my name. I'm new to this place, if that wasn't to obvious. Anyways, I'm a Kirby and Megaman spriter who does it for fun and sometimes to show if I'm improving or not. Sometimes it's noticeable, sometimes its not. So yeah, I also have some separate accounts like on discord, sprites inc, deviantart, etc. At the moment ive finished updating my Kirby fc and done some Megaman fortress boss stuff. And I may show them if I'm allowed to. Speaking of fc, I also have a few fcs from sonic, kirby, and megaman. I also finished one of my Megaman robot master sets. Anyways, besides that, that's what I do. And this is my introducing statement for me being new here
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