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5/6/2018, 5:23 am
Hello Everyone! The name is NotShantez, but I prefer to be called Tez. I'm VERY new to spriting and sprite animations! I came here after watching a series of sprite fight collabs and now I'm here to learn and hopefully participate in these soon! ^^

I was unsure how to do it, but I decided to take the liberty of creating my own MapleStory sprite because a lot of the collabs had maplemations in them. I didn't know how to make one so I use eLouai to make one. I didn't like the lack of options and wanted to test things out. As for that, this is the result, I'd say it isn't to shabby for my first custom sprite!
Sup Y'all Sprite10

I hope I can make an impact here and jumpstart my Animation Design career!
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