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My name is Titan2001, and I'm a Flipnote Studio sprite animator (who hopes to move onto stronger software).
I've been inspired to create my work from people within this community, and I hope I may finally become a part of it. It will be nice to meet you all.

Here's an example of what I'm capable of:
Jz Bluez
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That's amazing stuff. I'm trying to get better with my own animations.
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@Titan2001 wrote:Flipnote Studio sprite animator

Hello everyone. D6PfW

In all seriousness though that was pretty dope. not sure who those characters were or anything but it looked pretty well animated. the "style" of the animation kinda makes it tough to follow though. Lookin forward to seeing whatcha put out

Oh and welcome to da site!
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I swear all animators who use Flipnote Studio are fucking incredible lol.

Welcome to the site though! Hope you have a good time!


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