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View user profile   classic kirby superstar pack (drawn sprites) also i drew kirby like he was from the classic days im still working on it tho so of kirby is drawn in a way that my drawings look like they where drawn from 2002 so i guess have fun
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I'll +1 this still, but it's recommended to use one of the lower flash versions for this type of stuff, because of the "oldies" like me, we can't open it.

I use flash 8, and many people use flash CS3-CS6. Those versions cannot read ActionScript 3. Although Animate CC can't execute code from AS2, it can read the flash file.

And one last tip, (not trying to be rude here..) You don't need to fake your age on The Spritas (as I joined here when I was 12 lmao), we accept anyone and everyone. If you're really 27, then disregard this. Have a good night, man.


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actually its only flash 8 that can't use AS3. AS2 on the other hand stopped being used in CS4. But with that being said. there's still the issue that CS4 can't open flash 8 files, CS5 can't open CS3 and CS6 can't open 4. ACC can open cs3-cs6 files(not sure about Cool but like you said any code from AS2 will be gone in ACC(but at least the file will still open so you'll just need to convert all the code which hopefully its just the vcam and you can swap it with an as3 vcam in just a few clicks)


Classic kirby superstar pack Ichigo10
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