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Hi All! Empty Hi All!

8/18/2017, 7:43 pm
Hello guys! Just so you all know, I may be new to this site, but I use to do sprite animations years ago! I have plans on coming back to YouTube but I must handle a few, yet, heavy personal stuff before I can return to start a few series on my YouTube channel along with finishing an update video I need to upload. Once that happens, the fun begins! What? This intro don't seem like an intro to You? Then let me do it proper:
I'm 28
Likes fighting, puzzle, platform, action, adventure games
My YouTube channel is PerryMcCall18
Yu Yu Hakusho!!
Hajime No Ippo!!
I love them :3
The best sprite animation I've ever made (so far) https://youtu.be/aATm2hg-ugw
I want a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 :/
Rocket Knight Adventures is underrated as s@#$!!

Satisfied? No? Too bad! Anyway, nice to know there's a site for sprite animators to showcase my old work as well as the new! I'll have to take the time to explore this site more and see what's good around here later. See ya!
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Hi All! Empty Re: Hi All!

8/19/2017, 11:08 am
Welcome to The Spritas! Hope you enjoy your time here! Highly recommend joining the Discord server which is basically where our members go chat and stuff.
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