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Super Mario Bros 2 Collab! Empty Super Mario Bros 2 Collab!

7/19/2017, 7:40 pm
So, I started a collab (best way to start)! It is called:
The Super Mario Bros 2 Collab

-Must be 1280x720
-Can be NES, or SNES (or SMA if you want) styled.
-Be original, do not copy some SMB2 animation you saw on the web, common sense! Razz
-You can have either 1 or 2 entries!
-No copyrighted music that has nothing to do with any video games! (No god damn Justin Bieber in your entry)
-Any framerate you want!
-Edited sprites are allowed, just no completely custom ones!
-Remember the name of the person who made the sprites you used in the movie, we will need it later!
-Put a watermark on any side of your entry!
-Recommendation: Use Swivel for export purposes!
-This collab was meant for Flash 8-CC/Animate CC, but if you use something else, that is fine too!
-DM (via discord) the video file to me once finished

Due Date: TBD

Discord server: http://discord.gg/RYtZaUP

Announcement video:
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