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Oh! Hi there, didn't see you come in Allow me to introduce myself. My name is TJ Kemp, but call me TJ for short :)

I'm an Alter/Ego producer a splatoon GMOD animator, an MMD animator, a Utatie. And now, a beginner sprite animator. I'm currently 17, my goal is to entertain you all with animations, and possibly vocal synth songs. My song speciality is electronic. I'm a novice musician if you ask me!

Here's my youtube channel if you're asking

And my vidme channel

Hope I'll have fun here
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Welcome to the site man


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Yo TJ welcome to the site! Since you're experienced with animating already it seems I expect great animations to see from you! haha

Anywho, I hope you enjoy your time here. I highly recommend joining the Discord if you haven't already. Have fun dude
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