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It would be very helpful if any of you tell me where to get the cut effect, which appears in the 0: 36 minute, hopefully help me, and thank you in advance
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that looked like a clusterfuck of a lot of different sword slice effects. Your best bet would probably to just rip a bunch of these kinds of effects from M.U.G.E.N. Chars using Fighter Factory.
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This might be a little late but I still wanna help out :p
I know they aren't like those cut animations but I did find some cutting effects from a Bleach game. Hope this helps despite this messages has been send like... 2 months ago xD

Hello, How do I get this effect? Ichigo_skul_cald_effect_sprite_by_axellkl-d4azzha
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my answer was that from MapleStory will find it yourself.


Very Happy  i love animating
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