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Submitting Bugs and Suggestions Empty Submitting Bugs and Suggestions

10/12/2016, 11:36 am
To ensure that a bug and/or suggestion is taken seriously, please make sure to follow the following guidelines.

Making a Suggestion

When making a suggestion please give a detailed explanation of the suggestion and it's uses for the site. Simply saying "I want to be implemented" will most likely result in either me or another admin simply ignoring that suggestion. You need to go into detail so that we are able to completely understand what it is you are suggesting.

Additionally, the implications of what you are suggesting may not be immediately clear to us so it is in your best interest to also include the reasoning behind your suggestion. Understand that what you are suggesting may not be possible with the forum software we currently have so please take that into consideration if we tell you that your suggestion cannot be implemented.

Submitting a Bug

When submitting a bug we advise that you state whether the bug is graphical or functional.

In the case of a graphical bug, please make sure to go into as necessary detail as possible so that we may understand the problem. Additionally, including an image of said graphical bug will help us better identify and, hopefully, fix the problem.

In the case of a functional bug, please make sure to go into as necessary detail as possible so that we may understand the problem. Include information such as where the bug is and explain the bug's behavior. An example, of a functional bug would be if you pressed the "Send" button to make a post in the forums and the message would not post.
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