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You know how music sound like when it's being played from headphones or really far away? Wanted to make your own, but simply turning down the volume didn't work? Well, I made this very helpful tutorial on how to make them sound like it's being played from headphones/very far away!

Here is what the music originally sounds like as my example:

Now here is the same song example with the added effects to make it sound like it's being played from headphones/very far away:

Now here is a quick guide on how to do this effect using audacity.

STEP 1: open audacity and open your music you would like to use for this.

STEP 2: Go to effect and go to low pass filter

STEP 3: change the cutoff frequency to 3000 and the rolloff to 12dB and click "OK"

Step 4 is pretty much the same as step 3, but do it with the high frequency pass as well (above low frequency pass)

Now it should look a bit like this now:

STEP 5: go to effects and click on ampify (volume control) and modify to your satisfaction (make sure it is lower though, meaning that it shows negative numbers)

And there! Hope this helps you in making future animations
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TLDR: Get rid of low and high frequencies.


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I've always wondered how to do this. Very helpful!


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This would be a great idea for halloween stuff.
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