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7/25/2016, 2:31 pm
Sonic Mania Tumblr_oaqxhzRt1n1r0fu7go1_500
Look at this fuckin sexy ass title screen animation.

Since 5h0ck made a topic for Sonic 2017 I figured it was up to me to make a thread for the clearly superior Sonic Mania, developed by The Taxman and Stealth, aka the guys who made the mobile ports of Sonics 1, 2 and CD using their own built-from-the-ground-up recreation of the original Genesis physics (so you fucking know this shit is going to be a million times more accurate than whatever Sonic Team shits out) along with PagodaWes, a mobile dev studio composed of some people from the original Sonic 2 HD team, who created the pretty good mobile game Major Magnet

Headed by this team of actually competent developers rather than the morons at Sonic Team, Sonic Mania is a game designed to be a successor to the classic games. Featuring both brand-new stages and remakes of stages from previous games (but with redrawn art and entirely new level designs), this is basically set to be the best Sonic game in over twenty years. There's honestly too much for me to explain why this is amazing, so I'll just let these various videos speak for themselves

Reveal trailer

Off-screen footage of the two levels featured in the Sonic Boom demo, showcasing the brand-new Green Hill Zone (complete with end-of-act boss) and the brand new Studiopolis Zone

Some short direct feed footage of the game

And lest I forget the soundtrack composed by Tee Lopes. fucking LISTEN TO THIS SHIT. I think my avatar says all that needs to be said

In case you couldn't tell I'm pretty much torn between childish glee towards this game and sheer disgust towards Sonic Generations 2: Edgy Edition


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7/26/2016, 5:25 am
Yeah this game looks fucking phenomenal. I'm definitely picking this game up day 1. The fucking logo animation is just WAY too fucking awesome. Also the sprites looked great and actually made me feel like animating so hopefully we get those soonish lol
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