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Searching for Voice Clips for OC Empty Searching for Voice Clips for OC

on 4/22/2016, 9:24 pm
Hello again! It's Bedoop.
I'm searching for a voice for an Original Character I will be showcasing...Soon™️...ish...Don't quote me on that.
I can't really seem to find much fitting ones.
I tried MK8 Lakitu, but his voice is a tad too low pitched and contains literally nothing but Laughter (Which albeit nice, nothing but Laughter isn't really the best thing)
I also tried Pokkén Chandelure, but that little baby is way too squeaky to fit.

Anyone know where I could perhaps find a good voice?
The character's personality is jolly and fun-loving and also an annoying little buttface who does not know when to shut up and strives off of being a nuisance.

EDIT: Just found one now! Sorry for interrupting! Carry on! Dance


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