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DBZ: Resurrection 'F' Sprite Movie! Empty DBZ: Resurrection 'F' Sprite Movie!

4/3/2016, 7:28 pm
This video was made 100% by me. This video took me about 7 months to make on After Effects.
Tell me what you think about this animation!

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DBZ: Resurrection 'F' Sprite Movie! Empty Re: DBZ: Resurrection 'F' Sprite Movie!

4/5/2016, 12:41 am
Well, that was certainly something. Congrats on finishing such a large project!



Animation is kinda hard to judge here cuz I can see a clear improvement from the start to the end. But one thing I can say for certain is, don't ever 3D rotate sprites ever again. I will cut you. Seriously though, don't do this. It just looks extremely awkward and does not look good at all. Continuing on that point, I felt a lot of these 3D rotation motions and some other camera motions were put in there just because you could put them in there and not because it made the animation better for the viewer. For example:

DBZ: Resurrection 'F' Sprite Movie! AYJw4zR


DBZ: Resurrection 'F' Sprite Movie! Z8ezV4o

The above pic with the elongated camera angle and the bottom pic with Frieza spinning on the rock feel like unnecessary additions to the animation that do not make the animation better, and makes it hard for the viewers to watch and process what's going on.

Besides what I talked about above, everything else was fantastic! Your sprites lined up so that there were no alignment issues, you applied easing to the movements of the characters and I believe I saw that you started skewing some of the character movements. All of that is good. You may want to try and include a bit more skewing for more motions though. For example, before Goku just starts flying forward it would be good to show him getting skewed forward a bit. It really helps "smoothen" out the animation. Here is something I whipped up real quick to show how skewing helps:



Your graphics overall were really good, but a lot of the scenery and stuff seemed a bit too realistic for a sprite animation. While the quality of the scenery and environments the characters were in did not look bad, they didn't really fit for a sprite animation and I felt that kinda brought down the quality of the animation altogether. Other objects also seemed a bit too realistic such as the rock frieza stood upon while he was spinning and the rocks he threw at Goku and Vegeta and the giant thing of water frieza fell into in the end there. I get you wanna go for a really nice looking environment but if you make it too real then it's really off putting.

That said, the beams and explosions and auras and stuff all looked pretty good.


Yeah, so most things here I will just attribute to things being rushed so I won't go too in detail here.

So quite a few things didn't make sense to me. For instance, how come Frieza was just able to open a portal to a different dimension? Speaking of that, where did they even go after they went through the portal the first time AND the second time AND after that? In general, it seemed difficult to really tell where exactly they were fighting. Next, why did Vegeta sacrifice himself to try and stop Frieza's death ball thing from hitting that planet? I'm assuming that's Earth which is why Vegeta would want to stop it but then why does Goku move away and let Vegeta try and fight it alone then?

Again, I feel like you wanted to throw in story elements not for the sake of the animation but because you just wanted them in the animation. And that's fine, but the story needs to flow coherently so that the viewers don't leave the animation with more questions than answers.


Sound was very good. I was quite impressed with this part. The sounds you chose fit the special effects that were going on just right and you didn't try to over use and abuse sound effects or anything like that. Additionally, the overall quality of your sound effects were quite good. You used musically equally as well (except for when the song at the end got cut but you addressed that already so that's fine) and overall I felt you made good choices with the direction you wanted the sound to go in.

I would rate this as a 6/10 overall. Definitely not bad but definitely has room for improvement. Good job!
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