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Basic Forum Rules Empty Basic Forum Rules

12/9/2015, 11:15 am
Dear Members of The Spritas,

Here are some basic rules to follow here at The Spritas. These rules are here so that we can make sure everyone here has a good time. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning, temporary ban, or permanent ban.

Posting Topics
  • Make all Posts and Topics in the correct Forums.
  • Before making a new Topic, search for any related and similar Topics using the search feature. .
  • Topics on the subject of Politics and Religion are allowed and up for debate, however, if the topic becomes a flame war it will be locked and deleted and discussions on these subjects will be prohibited.
  • No Topics or Posts about any illegal activities.

Do not spam. Spam is considered to be:
  • Submitting two, back-to-back posts in one topic in less than 24 hours, otherwise known as Double Posting.
  • Submitting a post with 4 words or less.
  • Submitting a post with a single quote, image, video, or any other media by itself.
    Note: Submitting a post with a combination of two of either media is allowed. Example: A post that contains one quote followed by one image is fine.

Profanity, Flaming, & Discrimination
  • Non-excessive swearing is allowed, offensive posting or flaming is not.
  • Do not make any post with the serious intent to offend and/or ridicule anyone. If a user finds a post offensive, we will review the post and ask you to change it we find it offensive.
  • Discrimination is not allowed and will not be tolerated. End of discussion.
  • Note: Joking around with someone is fine, however, even jokes can be taken too far. We ask that you exercise the necessary caution and control in this regard.

Multi-Accounting & Impersonation
  • Multi-Accounting is not allowed. If you've lost the details to your account, PM an administrator for help.
  • Impersonation is not allowed.

Private Messaging
  • Private Messages are to be kept private, so do not post a public screenshot of a PM conversation between you and another user. If you have a problem PM an administrator.
  • Harassing another user via private messages will not be tolerated.

NSFW Material & Pornography
  • Mark Topics with NSFW discussions as NSFW in the title of the Topic.
  • If a Topic is not marked as NSFW and you post a link to any NSFW material, mark the link as NSFW.
  • Do not post any pornographic material or links to any pornographic material.

  • No links to any illegal downloads or copyrighted material are allowed.
  • No links to or any posts about how to obtain any illegal downloads and/or copyrighted material.
  • Do not try to sell any of these products as your own.

No Plagiarism
  • Do not copy other people's work and claim it as your own.
  • If you are posting information from another site, credit the author of that information.

As a member of this forum, make sure you have read, understand, and agree to these rules. We are pretty laid back here, however, breaking these rules will result in necessary judgement. All we ask is that you think before you post.

Happy Posting.
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