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Anyone use Spriter Pro? Empty Anyone use Spriter Pro?

6/14/2015, 5:27 am

Wondering if anyone uses this software to create their sprites and do you like it, is it good? Its on sale on steam now thinking of getting it, unless there is far better software at a cheaper place.

I am planning to do a sprite based game soon I'm totally new to sprite creation. But I am a programmer and am willing to learn it to finish my game.

What i mainly want to achieve is characters with crazy death animations like Brutal Doom.

What software would you recommend someone new to making sprites.

Also is there a program that can take a 3d model and turn it into a sprite at a certain pose but retrofy it?
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Anyone use Spriter Pro? Empty Re: Anyone use Spriter Pro?

6/14/2015, 2:16 pm
Well, while this does look like some good software it's both unnecessary and not what you want to do the kind of work that we do.
Most of us that make sprites do it much more manually and use graphicsgale or mspaint. And if you want to animate with bones like they show in the videos, you can emulate that pretty well in flash with tweens.
As for turning 3D models into sprites, as far as I know there's no program to just do that for you. One of our admins (Mr. Lange) used a 3D model of zelda to make sprites for the zelda vs peach deathbattle, but he did it very manually by taking screenshots of each frame in the animation and lowering the resolution to make it look like a sprite. (or something like that, I don't quite remember the whole process)
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