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Meet Tasue Empty Meet Tasue

4/27/2015, 5:40 pm
So, yeah...

Here is the original bio:

"Basic info:

Name: Tasue
Age: 16
Birthday: November 27
Likes: Racing and exploring
Dislikes: Long conversations and writing


-Enjoys meeting new friends
-Shy meeting new people, but conversational with well known friends
-When alone, usually likes to think long and hard about current events
-Short tempered
-Hangs out with his 2 best friends often, Haneshi and Oribia
-Lives in Kinzoku city (A large and busy city), but loves to visit more peaceful areas like the forest or beach
-Loves a challenge

Basic Combat:

Alone, he is a pure brawler. He wields no weapon, and usually relies and punches and kicks within a fight.
One Main advantage that he loves to use is his speed. He uses this to get around the enemy and get them at every turn, and even uses his fighting area to his advantage, such as large inclines
and icy ground.


His strongest form of power. With this he can form different types of magic to use within the battle.
The TOME is mainly for elemental attacks, even though it can use different forms of magic, elemental attacks are more stable than others.
However, it has its limits. It uses Mana points, which is essentially durability. It has 5 points, and once it's used up, it must recharged to be used again.
Here are some of its attacks and it's durability use:
-Fire (1 Point)
-Thunder (1 Point)
-Flash (1 Point)
-Air push (3 Points)
-Kuki orb [The move at the end] (4 Points)"


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