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4/23/2015, 1:12 pm
well at lest enjoy but no sound i put them later took me two days long time and plus i don t bother not to upload to you tube for my account some how get suspended but got it back so i not goner risk it losing my account again but i will have so i deal with that soon http://fav.me/d8qrn1w ORlly?
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sort sprite movie  Empty Re: sort sprite movie

4/23/2015, 2:40 pm
Looks nice, but I don't get it.
QuickMan is already there, and that Knight just pops out to his existence and is like "let's teleport to the other site, 'cause walking is for losers".
Then he somehow explodes in two frames leaving the end open for the watching guys to guess what could have happened.


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