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New animation series! Empty New animation series!

4/11/2015, 8:47 am
I want to make some animations which will be follow ups to the one I've made before and when every single is done, I would make one out of them with typical follow up blackscreen.
So here is the first one!
New animation series! Attack10
Current name for this is Attack Of The MegaMan.
Someone has a better name? Can't think of a better one...
By the way, that one-to-five-shot-attack is Cain's special attack, it's name is "Doppler Buster". Cain charges his buster and then takes all energy he has loaded to create a shockwave which creates four exact copies of it. The speed and amount of shockwaves is different, this was full charged and the fastest of it. Should Cain have taken damage, he also can use it to make his teleport go waaaaaay faster.
See you next animation!
- Cain


Cain's my name, pixels're my game! See my latest animation below!
New animation series! Dopple15
You read this? Now you can call me Cain. Congratulations!
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