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12/7/2013, 9:42 am
SO im pretty sure Lange and Spongebob are gonna come out the woodworks with ban hammers ready, but i wanted to get a little help on some random stuff i was messing around with. I want to make an unorignal Oc/Fc for practicing on doing some real spriting.
The one on the left really doesnt matter, if someone could tell me how shit it look, that would be great. Anything that would be deemed as wrong or stupid please point it out for me.
The one on the right, i was wondering if i had my shading on those random quills and the pants correct.
Yes, this is very "beggarish", but i want to help contribute to The Spritas and not just coming back here every other month. If i could get any help and critique on this i would be eternally grateful.
P.s: If anyone who has at east basic talents in spriting could give me a crash course beginners lesson in Creating Sprites and making sprite sheets for characters, i'll carry The Spritas on my back as the number one Spriters Fourm in the world.
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12/8/2013, 1:19 pm
Looks nice to me.

I would change the glove colors. Probably to either purple or black.

Either than that, it's good.


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