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Voice clips for Bubblun (Puzzle Bobble)  Empty Voice clips for Bubblun (Puzzle Bobble)

9/10/2013, 6:49 pm

First off. I want to state that I can and know how to rip Bub's voices from Puzzle Bobble 2/3 & 4 (Arcade as well as Playstation versions)

That's not what i'm asking for.

Since you guys are really good for finding Alt voices for characters can any of you recommend me a charecter to use for Bub's voice style? I'll rip it myself just don't know what charecters to think of and you can't google this kind of thing.


Voice clips for Bubblun (Puzzle Bobble)  604983Voice clips for Bubblun (Puzzle Bobble)  29027110
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