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Megaman Unlimited (PC - Fangame) Empty Megaman Unlimited (PC - Fangame)

9/1/2013, 6:57 pm
I hate fangames most of the time. (No i can't do better...yet) There is usually some kind of bias or favoritism (of course that's the purpose of a "Fan Game" but when you have Surprising GOOD fangames as "Sonic Before the Sequel, Sonic After the Sequel & Eggman hates furries (YES I SAID IT CRY ME A RIVER) You begin to wonder if any other popular character can also match a successful fangame to be made as close to the original series as possible?

Thus I am posting Megaman Unlimited. A Fan game that was made by one person (over 5 years) and with two additional people for music, turned out to be one of the best games (Free) I've ever played.


8 bit music and graphics
D pad compatibility  (PS3/Xbox controllers. I'm not sure about the wiimote but lol wiimote)
The Difficulty (Easy, Original, Hard)
A Very well polished story for a Megaman game.

My Personal opinion if you're a fan of Megaman  you owe it to yourself to play this.


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