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8/1/2013, 10:49 pm
Hey guys, I was wondering, should I create my own FC? (Non-Kirby/ Sonic)
I was thinking of modeling one of them using this picture:
Creating a Story & FCs 70ee1311
But I can't seem to find any bases and edit for sh*t. Yes, I have googled and looked around for JSS/JUS Sprite Bases. Haven't found any. NOT using LSWi. I tried looking for NZC sprites (AKA, Naruto Shinobi Rumble CUSTOM Sprites), but that failed as I don't want my characters to come out looking like poorly edited and looking like recolors since there are no bases...
ANYWAY, I was thinking, if I didn't get my own fan character, that I would use Naruto w/ Goku's Costume and he would travel to different worlds (KH) for training as directed by Goku. Here's what he looks like:
Creating a Story & FCs Goku_g10
Any thoughts on that?
If I don't make/receive my own FC, I'll resort to actually using my two Kirby FCs...
Creating a Story & FCs Orgina10
My original idea was to have the brown kirby as the main star and work along side Donald and Goofy and go to different worlds (NON-Disney/ NON-Square Enix Worlds since worlds like Naruto, Megaman, One Piece, DBZ, etc would NEVER get into KH unless Disney owned them)These events would take place after the ending of KH DDD, but also before KH3. :)
Or, if all else fails, I might as well just make animations using already famous sprites.
What do you guys think? Uh-huh (Thank you, whoever made this Itachi emoticon)


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8/19/2013, 11:32 am
The idea of a Naruto/Goku outfit for a fan character is really weird if he's supposed to be referencing to Kingdom Hearts... (Crossover orgy ftw! Very Happy)

And you might do better off in the Kingdom Hearts Universe if you make these events happen AFTER KH3, because if you branch off with DDD, it might not line up well with KH3 since the game is barely starting to be developed.

Just my opinion.
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Creating a Story & FCs Empty Re: Creating a Story & FCs

8/19/2013, 4:18 pm
well i think you should actually make an original character that is not related to anything that was already created, why? CAUSE.I.HATE.FCS. kgladicouldhelp


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