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7/20/2013, 4:58 pm
Sup guys. It's been awhile since I posted my 2 new FCs. Well I've got another surprise.Uh-huh  That's right!

Check them out!


Each character has their own row. I've finished the top Kirby's sprite sheet.
Everyone else is incomplete.
So, expect an introduction video soon. I decided to use LSWi sprites. DBB's Kaige FC got me motivated. I'm trying to make an Organization XIII Hooded Man LSWi Sprite Sheet (Long ass name). Any help? I'll give you credit. If not, I guess I'll have to try my best. Their names are undecided. Yes, the top Kirby does have a Keyblade and not his Sol Blades. But, his powers still apply. So yes, he still needs to use sunlight for power. The man below him shall remain anonymous and no description for now. But, I want to ask, which of his costumes do you like best? Yes the red and purple costumes are like a Madara Uchiha costume. The boy below him will also stay anonymous and does wield a keyblade. The grey Kirby at the bottom has the same powers as Nemesis and does wield a Keyblade. So, Minato and Nemesis' abilities do apply to these two Kirby FCs. What do you guys think?Very Happy 


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