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All FC/OC Tournament  D:!!!! Empty All FC/OC Tournament D:!!!!

7/3/2013, 2:26 pm
WAIT DON'T HIT THAT MOUSE Shocked  Okay for those of you who know my old channel "Rushspeeddemon07" with 2 Ds (I doubt any of you do) 2-3 years ago I was going to hold a sprite tournament...but my computer crashed Sad  and I had already made plans for the first match Crying or Very sad 

anyways after watching this and careful consideration I thought to myself "Hey that's not really fair to everyone" Mad I was considering making a sprite tournament for EVERY FC :L NO PRIZE yeap no prize.

But I know no one's going to really enter because:

1.) not the best animator in the world, if I was DS, LightSpriter, or DBB I'm sure you guy's would flock to this idea Evil or Very Mad 

2.) This requires a lot of free time which I might not have when school starts again which isn't for a while.

3.) How many of you actually trust me enough to send me your FC's in the first place?

Shocked WAIT before you say "well why the hell did he post this topic" I'm looking for some support in the idea so Very Happy I'll post an official topic for it if I get enough support.



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