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Canvas Art Prints for Photographers Empty Canvas Art Prints for Photographers

on 9/19/2012, 6:14 am
Canvas Art Prints for Photographers

Photographers are always looking to market their artwork in new ways that will help increase sales and revenue. Print photo on canvas are an ideal way to sell photographic art as it is such a vibrant and eye catching printing method, not to mention ready to hang. Canvases are printed onto high quality 100% cotton canvas material using sophisticated printers that help capture a large tonal range and fine-point detail in the picture. The canvas is then wrapped around a strong wooden frame, known as stretcher bars, and finished off with professional tape. A fixing bracket is attached and a UV varnish applied to the canvas to ensure it is protected for many years. The printing ink is light resistant for more than 75 years, ensuring the canvas art is going to last.

There are many prints on canvas companies around the US but Fotoviva Art Prints are used by many photographers because they know photographers demand the highest quality print and finish. Coming from a photography background, the owners appreciate that if you are going to sell your work as canvas photo prints or acrylic mounts, high quality materials, workmanship and attention to detail are a must. Sending a customer a below-par print will not bring repeat business or help reputation.

Sometimes customers require canvases printed in non-standard sizes and Fotoviva can cater for any specification to suit the client's wall size. Custom frames can be made to ensure the photographic print will match the room. It can make a visual difference if the wall space is too large or small for the size of the canvas print. All the canvases are made here in the UK by a team of skilled craftsmen who understand that a strict quality control means that photographers will be confident in the finished article and, more importantly, their customers will spread the word about the photographers work, helping to generate more sales in the future.

Many photographers have galleries online and in small towns where they sell their work. Some galleries buy canvases in bulk to have on display in their shops. This is more cost effective as trade discounts can be offered for bulk orders, saving cost and reducing the price of the canvas art prints the photographer can sell. This can make all the difference to a potential sale as customers are used to seeing canvases in high street shops for very little cost. What they don't factor in is that photographer's prints are usually limited editions and therefore you pay a slight premium for.
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Canvas Art Prints for Photographers Empty Re: Canvas Art Prints for Photographers

on 9/19/2012, 7:49 am
yeah no
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Canvas Art Prints for Photographers Empty Re: Canvas Art Prints for Photographers

on 9/19/2012, 8:35 am
ok so like....

fuck you. banned.


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