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Photo to Canvas Art - Increasing Revenue Empty Photo to Canvas Art - Increasing Revenue

9/19/2012, 5:58 am
Photo to Canvas Art - Increasing Revenue for A Photographer

Photography as a profession requires an entrepreneurial spirit. A business minded photographer should always consider new ways in which to create revenue. Even fully employed photographers will take on smaller side projects to further their career and increase their income. One way in which professional photographers make extra income is by selling prints to their photography work. Print photos on canvas are a great way to expand this market and increase your revenue. Traditional photography prints might fetch anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, but a canvas photo print would sell for much higher price than its photo print counterpart. Learn how to increase your revenue as a professional photographer by retailing photo canvas prints of your work.

The first step towards offering your photos on canvas prints is to find a reliable and professional giclee digital canvas printer. Be sure and place a few test orders to ensure that their quality is up to your standards. Here are few points to keep in mind when you are searching for a reliable canvas print service.

1. Do they offer you PDF or Hard Copy proofs for accuracy?
2. Do they offer professional gallery wrapping?
3. Do they offer protective coating for your canvas prints?
4. Is there a satisfaction guarantee or money back policy?
5. Do they use high quality artist canvas?
6. Do they use sturdy 1.5” gallery wrap frames?

It is important that your canvas printer is ready to work with a professional photographer. To be sure that your photos will be handled correctly, do some research on the company you plan to use. Ask other photographers for references. Once you have selected a reputable source for canvas prints, have all your photos printed on gallery wrapped canvas prints. Use these prints for display purposes and take orders from buyers. You might use an online canvas printer so that you would not have to pack and ship your own canvas prints. Never undervalue your own artwork. Prints on canvas makes your art even more valuable because of the medium on which it has been applied. If you were to charge 300 for a photography print, you should charge many times over for the much more costly canvas print. Your printer has also added value with its artistic hand gallery wrapping and expert printing, so factor this into your artwork pricing as well.

The gallery wrapped canvas print is an often overlooked product at the disposal of professional photographers. Experiment with different canvas print options to see what will be popular to those that appreciate and pay for your artwork. For example, a modern style of photography might be better presented on a canvas that has not been stretched. You could experiment with canvas wall murals made from a collage of your photos. There are countless canvas printing options that could benefit your bottom line. Don’t limit your photography to standard paper prints, but explore other options as well.
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Photo to Canvas Art - Increasing Revenue Empty Re: Photo to Canvas Art - Increasing Revenue

9/21/2012, 8:56 pm
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