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[yCHAT/IRC] - How to install and use Empty [yCHAT/IRC] - How to install and use

8/21/2012, 10:08 pm
Ok, so let us get straight to the point, the normal website intergrated chat in my opinion is alittle basic and does not provide easy conversation and a "pretty" interface" , do you agree? So that is why I propose we move to IRC and this tutorial will explain how.
A few things to know about IRC:
.It's a basic chat client, IRC standing for Internet Relay Chat ( Forgive me if I get that wrong )
.There is a basic mod system
.Private talking with people with ease
.Members will be able to stretch their privacy etc. Clans or just for an extra group they will be able to create their own personal chats that they can register which can be joined with ease via /join #Chatname here or by saying the chat name #Chatname then right-clicking it and pressing join.
.Admins / Moderators will be able to change the topic: a heading above the chat and a message when you join telling you news which can be edited daily. etc "Welcome to the Spritas Official IRC Channel! Today is xyz day"
.Quicker chat and pinging when your name is called so for example if somebody wanted to get your attention they would say your name by itself or in a sentence, this would automatically notify you with a bubble in you in a bubble if you have not got the client open but minimized.

Tutorial to Getting onto IRC:

Ok, So now you have a basic idea of IRC this is a tutorial of how to install a client that you can use to use it, here are a few ways to get onto irc.

I will keep this as simple as possible

.First download YChat, not XChat, YChat.
.One downloaded install the program with any settings you want ( I recommend using the default settings )
.Once installed run the program, What will by default come up is a tiny window, in which will show some servers and some name spaces, enter your name into each one of those box's there.
.In the server list the server we are going to connect to is not there so we will have to add it and here is how:
-: Press the "ADD SERVER" Button then you will see a new tab in the serverlist
-: Rename it to Adelais then left-click it and press "EDIT" then you will see a new window open
-: Press Add in that new window then a new tab in Servers for New Network will appear left-click one of the newserver/6667 and when it is highlighted press EDIT and rename it irc.adelais.net(The server the spritas chat will be on) the click the empty area in the Servers for new network list, Make sure the name irc.adelais.net is still there then press close.
-: Now that the server is setup in the Network List window press Adelais then press CONNECT.
.The client will now begin to connect to that server, also if it says that your username is in use type in the bottom bar /nick NICKNAMEHERE to change your name or just quit then run ychat.exe again and change your name in the Network List window.
.Ok, Now you are connected type this /join #spritas - The # is important for channels
Any moderator from Spritas that joins will immediately get ranked up just private messsage me by rightclicking my name in the userlist bar( You will see it when you join the channel) and pressing Open Dialogue then talking to me in the priavte chat that opens that way only I can see your messages once you don't need to talk to me press the #spritas text in the top-left. This private chat method works with anybody else.

And now congratulations you are on IRC, have fun talking.

YChat not working? Try mibbit the irc-client that is inbrowser or try mirc.

On a MAC? Sorry I will be making more tutorials soon for more irc-clients, but for now you will have to fend for yourselves if the ways I have said do not work.
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[yCHAT/IRC] - How to install and use Empty Re: [yCHAT/IRC] - How to install and use

8/21/2012, 10:41 pm
The chat doesn't kick you out after a while and it's pretty nifty instead of having to keep going to the website I really like this idea :)!


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[yCHAT/IRC] - How to install and use Empty Re: [yCHAT/IRC] - How to install and use

8/22/2012, 1:15 am
yeah. To bad 90% of people on this site use skype to chat anyway.


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