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Rayman OnionRings  Empty Rayman OnionRings

on 3/25/2012, 12:28 am

So yeah, one of the best platforming games in while. Me and my brother beat this in a week, but only the story. Its gonna be a while before we 100%, because they have alot of shit you gotta collect, you gotta do time attacks, unlock all the costumes, and COLLECT ALOT OF SHIT!!!!

But anyway, fun ass game, been a fan of Rayman for ass long as I could pick up a controller, this game is the fucking shit, I would recommend it, my pronunciation and grammar are terrible.

Also note that this game is made entirely of spriteS...really detailed and clean sprites. SOMEONE RIP THEM SHITZ!!!!


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Rayman OnionRings  Empty Re: Rayman OnionRings

on 3/25/2012, 6:35 am
I like the game's art style. Some people think that it's ugly but I actually like it really much.
Just not all of them but some are ripped already. They are all in pieces btw.
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