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Art forum rules Empty Art forum rules

4/23/2010, 10:31 pm
The art you post here must be YOUR art that YOU drew.

Nudity/gore. As long as you DREW it you can post nude drawings, because art is art. How ever, like i stated in the basic forum rules. If your art thread will contain nude pictures make sure in the title you put "NSFW" so the viewer can know there's something explict in the thread. Or if it's a regular post, LINK to the picture and on the link put an NSFW warning on it.

If you post art here then you better be expecting critique. If you can't handle critique. Don't post.

If you wanna use art by anyone here then you must ask the creator of the art permission. If the creator reports to me that his art was used without permission i will delete his picture from there and find someway to ruin you for what you've done.

If you are making an art contest you must start one with an example made by you.

If you're starting an art collab you must start with an example made by you.

Follow the Basic forum rules along with these and you're good.

Happy posting.


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