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Uindo v2 Empty Uindo v2

7/2/2011, 11:32 am
Remember this guy?


The original one i made a while back, when i didn't understand shading that well, and when I look at it now....it sucks lol

The new one I redid from scratch yesterday, and so far i'm likin' it Very Happy. I also came up with a name that he goes by it's "Kyukyoku no fujin" which stands for "Ultimate Wind God".

And one more thing, I'm making a manga (for those who know what that is) for him, and I thought this would be an awsome way to promote it so, actually i wanna ask. Is there anyone that I could ask to draw him out for like a poster or something??(Probably not, but its worth asking lol )

Anyway, Critique and criticize to your heart's content, I just remembered that I never made a vid with him, so after i redo the whole sheet, hopefully i can put his bitch ass to work xD

And one more thing, as far as the shading goes. Do you think it looks pillow-shaded or is it fine?

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Uindo v2 Empty Re: Uindo v2

7/2/2011, 11:35 am
Nope it's fine now. There's a light spot so eh
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Uindo v2 Empty Re: Uindo v2

7/2/2011, 12:30 pm
It's nice. Well done. ^^ And you used the background like I used to pester you to do before. You make me proud~
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