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Should I Get Flash CS5? Empty Should I Get Flash CS5?

on 10/30/2010, 12:02 pm
I thought getting that 541 MB of goodness called Flash CS4 was good enough, but it has LOTS and LOTS of bugs. Now that I have clicked and read some interesting posts by some Flash CS5 users, it has not caught my interest.

Should I obtain CS5 for beneficial reasons?
What has been improved?
Should I obtain Flash CS5 for particular reasons like collabs, projects, regular uses and sh!t?

Decisions decisions decisions. I don't mind adding another GB to my computer, for I have 210 GB. I can get away with a lot of sh!t.

I have been using Flash Cs3. I find that program to be outstanding when it comes to spriting, and file sizing Wink. I havn't picked up Macromedia Flash Professional 8 in 3 months. If I ever open it, it will only be for collabs, and just to look at my Naruto collections. hehe

I just want to explore. I want to see thing, you know? I want to learn the ways of spriting. I want to go to infinity and beyond. I want to see a lady give birth.
Life is wonderful.


Should I Get Flash CS5? Ping10
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Should I Get Flash CS5? Empty Re: Should I Get Flash CS5?

on 10/31/2010, 9:37 am
CS5 is preferable to PROGRAMMERS. Because they didn't improve anything animation wise, aside an addition to the bone tool and i hear it hogs less memory.
Visual programming, a bunch of saving presets for action scripting. That's it.
Stick with CS3


Watch your ass.
Should I Get Flash CS5? Banned1a7c7e438gif
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Should I Get Flash CS5? Empty Re: Should I Get Flash CS5?

on 10/31/2010, 6:22 pm
I used to have CS5
I couldn't use the vcam so i got CS3 so yea listen to eric and stick to CS3


Should I Get Flash CS5? Ichigo10
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