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an introduction that was is very late Empty an introduction that was is very late

on 4/5/2019, 9:59 pm
Hai. I'm DevidX123, a name that I might never change here. I'm a guy who like to animate, probably sprite in the near future (but yeah I'm getting into sprite), and just overall like animations. I may at some points be awkward, but I try not to. I get heavily inspired by outstanding animations n stuff, which is what continues to keep me going on animating. I have some projects done, but my main struggle with animation is trying to find sound effects. Oh yeah and school's in my way....So uhh do school everybody.... But yeah.
Phrases you might always hear from me is "or something" "lame excuse" so uhh....Get used to that?
Joined the spritas after finding out alot of people who've worked on animations are actually part of the spritas. So yeah why not give it a shot and see what I can do here to improve.
This is my first time posting here, and I hope we can get along.....plea-
Oh yeah I have a YT and DA account but don't look into that.
And uhh.... Yeah think that's all....
Very late doing this.
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