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Hello everyone! Empty Hello everyone!

on 10/29/2018, 12:41 pm
Hi guys! I'm new to this forum, I discovered it by accident. I'm 16, and a begginer sprite animator, animating in flash 8 for only about 6 months. I appreciate and strongly encourage criticism and feedback, as it helps me improve. You can see my newest work here:
I am from Poland, enjoy memes and video game music. I have anxiety, as well as was diagnosed with asperger syndrome.
...Is that too much personal info? Well, whatever. Very Happy

My twitter: (I repost memes there, it's basically a meme hell. Aside from that I also post updates on my videos or links when new ones are uploaded. I do that pretty rarely though)

My Newgrounds Account: (I upload the same animations as on youtube, but when for youtube I might change some stuff to not get demonetized, there you will see all how it was meant to be seen)

My DeviantArt Account: (I rarely use it, and have barely any idea about how it works)

That is all! I hope I won't be too annoying ;p
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