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What program should I use for animating Empty What program should I use for animating

on 11/4/2017, 11:46 pm
I've heard a lot of good things about using Flash, but I hear some good things about Macromedia Flash Professional 8. The folks at hypergauge use it and their like my main inspirations.
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What program should I use for animating Empty Re: What program should I use for animating

on 11/10/2017, 3:51 am
Flash Professional 8.
Macromedia Flash 8:

My pros:
Relatively fast
Doesn't take 7,000,000 years to make one symbol
Is versatile
Stops responding, but will come back a lot of the time
  -Only stops responding when there's a lot of symbols on screen, or something around the lines.
Doesn't explode your pc when exporting animations

My cons:
Crashes (not too often)
UI is kinda.. eh.
Slightly limited in tools
Not as good when it comes to running exported flash projects, or swfs

Adobe Animate CC:

My pros:

My cons:
Freezes a ton
Crashes very often
Expodes my computer when I export flas
Crashes computer when playing tons of sound (AND MY COMPUTER IS VERY BEEFY)
Takes tons of cpu
Freezes when having too many sprites/pictures on screen
Freezes when converting to symbol and there's a ton of symbols

These are from my experiences, not anyone elses. It's all about preference, really. Don't use something because others use it. Find something that you're willing to settle on, and is efficient in your standards.


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