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Sonic Utopia Empty Sonic Utopia

on 10/24/2016, 6:43 pm (dl link in video description)

Lange and Murasaki literally did what SEGA haven't been able to accomplish in fifteen years; make a 3D Sonic game that doesn't control like shit. You can curl into a ball and roll up and down hills and launch off ramps and run through non-scripted loop de loops, and Sonic doesn't veer wildly off course at the slightest touch of the control stick, and the homing attack doesn't completely destroy all flow and momentum, and theĀ  game actually has momentum physics, and the level isn't just a single straight line with occasional detours (although it does kind of face the opposite problem lol)

First Taxman/Stealth and now Lange/Murasaki showing SEGA how to actually make a Sonic game


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Sonic Utopia Empty Re: Sonic Utopia

on 10/24/2016, 10:12 pm
Ayyyeee blitz aint seen you in forever (nigga get on discord)

And yeah I played the demo for a few hours yesterday and holy shit it's so good. The game feels really nice. I can't wait to see what happens in the future
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Sonic Utopia Empty Re: Sonic Utopia

on 11/27/2016, 12:54 pm
It's so cool how much publicity that got. I seen it on ever big video game news outlet and even on GameXplain. Woulda been cool if they got Lange in an interview lol


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