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The Challenges of The Spritas Empty The Challenges of The Spritas

on 10/22/2016, 6:10 pm

The Challenges of The Spritas

The Challenges of The Spritas are designed to be fun events that will hopefully make you a better animator or spriter; although sometimes they are just for fun. How the process works is as follows:

A Challenge will be created here by one of the Admins and there will be a certain theme the participants must adhere to. A due date will be set and once that due date has been reached, the Challenge will enter the judging process. The Judges for the Challenges will consist of the Admin who issued the Challenge as well as other Admins and Mods or even other notable Members they choose. The Judges will grade each submission and in the end the submission with the highest grade is the winner. The prize(s) for winning a Challenge will be specified in that Challenge's topic.

With that, make sure to read the general rules when participating in a Challenge!

General Rules

  • All Challenges and their submissions must be relevant to sprites.
  • Grading criteria for a Challenge must be present and clearly understandable to its participants. That said, if you are a participant and you don't understand the criteria, then ask for more clarification on what you don't understand.
  • The final verdict decided by the Judges is final. Do not try to argue for a better grade/placement just because you felt your submission was better than another submission.
  • Judges who participate in a Challenge will not have their submission graded for competition. Their submission will be for example or entertainment only.
  • If you have a suggestion for a Challenge or how a certain Challenge should be handled, contact the Admin who issued the Challenge. However, understand that your suggestion may not be denied.

Everyone is encouraged to participate. Even if you don't win you will still become a better animator/spriter in the end!

That's it! Happy Posting!
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